Vaccination of childrens age 12 years & above تمام تعلیمی اداروں میں 12 سے 18 سال کی عمر کے تمام اسٹوڈنٹس کو اکتوبر کے آخر تک ویکسین لگانا لازمی قرار

Meeting with NCOC dated : 08th Oct 2021 . It has been reported that the vaccination of the students age 12-18 years is very crucial for preventing the COVID and to ensure the smooth running of educational institutes . Therefore , you are hereby directed to achieve the 100 % coverage mentioned age group by the end of October 2021. In this context you are further directed to achieve the said target with the support of DEOC and Education department with 100 % deployment of MVTs in your respective districts , guidelines are as under :

  • Regular coordination and meeting with DEOC.
  • Regular coordination and meeting with the educational department .
  • 100 % deployment of MVTS .
  • Only Pfizer shall be used in all under 18 years old students .
  • Target for all districts of Karachi , Hyderabad and Sukkur is 4000 daily .
  • Target for all other districts is 3000 per day .
  • Enter the data in NIMS from B form / Parent’s CNIC , If none is available then data shall be recorded using name , age , Parent’s contact number and name of the educational institutes on a manual excel sheet according to the provided format .
  • Data shall be submitted with Dr. Samreen cell # 0311-5077554 by 5:00 PM sharp .

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