The Degree of M.A Education is equal to M.Ed

The subject specialists recruited ngainst the subject of Education are not considered for regularization due to M.A ( Education ) as an academic degree and no other professional degree of B.Ed or M.Ed. b ) What can be the status of M.A ( Education ) as compared to B.Ed or M.Ed. ? The committee after detailed

discussion , deliberation and mutual consensus of all the members , has come to the conclusion as follows : A As a discipline , the subject of Education domains the art of teaching , B.

The degree of M.A ( Education ) is equivalent to M.Ed and also higher degree in comparison with B.Ed. Further , the syllabus of M.A ( Education ) covers more than the requirements of M.Ed. Therefore , the teachers , recruited in School Education Department for the subject of Education by having M.A ( Education ) , shall not require any further qualification of B.Ed or M.Ed. The degree of M.A ( Education ) may be considered as Academic as well as Professional qualification .

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