Special Examination Board of intermediate Sencondary Education

Covid 19 sepecial Exams

Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Bahawalpur
Date Sheet for Intermediate Part II Appeal Examination (19-covID) 2020.
Necessary Instructions (1) English or Zari, Urdu Language and Study of Pakistan will be taught at Darulf times. That is, the first mouth 08:30 BB and the second time 01:30

Then (2) Candidates will have the corresponding slip printed on the date sheet. (3) The time and background in which the candidate has appeared for the examination
The car will be written on Haider slip. His knowledge and candidate will not be allowed to take the exam in the examination center. (4) If the candidates protest from the examination room in the paper
If they walk out, they will be considered absent from the exam in a quiet subject and in no case will it be a double standard. (5) During the examination of any leave
The announcement will not affect the date sheet at all and what will happen according to the dream in the state sheet. Candidates must take their medicine in the November slip daily examination room

If brought along, you will not be allowed to take the exam. (6) The candidate should ensure that the date and time of the entire subject are correct
And all of them can be compared well with the detailed date sheet of Mojo in the center so that in case of any mistake, the candidate will not be left out of the article.
(7) Magazine candidates will ensure their presence in any case during the journey before the start of the six-odor. This 08 00:00 pm is 01:00 pm while the day is also 02:00 pm censored
I will be present but they will not be allowed to have a son in the resurrection. (8) No person shall be allowed to use mobile phone within the limits of censorship. At the beginning of each chapter

If these staff will inform the candidates about the appointed time of everything and will implement accordingly. Friday prayers will begin at 2:30 p.m.

آپ اپنا پیپر اور تاریخ مندجہ ذیل شیڈول کے مطابق دیں گے

Date sheet
Date sheet

Date sheet special exam
Date sheet special examination

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