Shark Attack on Young Man in Red Sea Caught on Camera

A Russian man was tragically killed on Thursday in a shark attack off the coast of Hurghada, a resort city in Egypt’s Red Sea.

The country’s Environment Ministry announced the incident on Facebook, confirming that the man had lost his life due to an attack by a tiger shark.

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While more details were not provided, a video of the incident went viral over social media. Here’s the video:

According to Russian media, the victim was in his 20s. The Russian Consul-General, Viktor Voropayev, stated that Egyptian authorities had informed him about the death of the man. Viktor clarified that the victim was not a tourist but a permanent resident of Egypt.

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The viral video showed a person struggling to escape from the shark. Egypt’s Environment Ministry reported that a team captured the shark for inspection, citing its abnormal behavior as a factor leading to the incident.

In response, water activities in the area have been temporarily suspended for two days, starting from Friday. The ministry also mentioned previous attacks involving the same type of shark.

While the Red Sea is a popular tourist destination known for its sharks, such incidents are rare, especially in authorized swimming areas.

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