Pakistan Assembled MG HS’s Booking Date, Price and Features

After much wait and suspense, Morris Garages (MG) Motors Pakistan Limited has at last announced the bookings for locally assembled in Pakistan MG HS,  that is now called HS Essence, will begin for outlets on 12 December 2022.

Locally Assembled MG HS’s Booking Date, Price and Features

The announcement has sparked interest in the automobile community, as only fully imported absolutely built-up (CBU) units of MG HS were available in the local market. After a couple of months, local citizens will be able to see MG HS’s Complete Knockdown (CKD) units dubbed as “MG HS Essence,” roaming on the roads of Pakistan.

Talking in Twitter, CEO of MG Motors Pakistan, Javed Afridi, announced that booking for MG HS Essence will “kick-off” on 12 of December (Monday) 2022.


According to the facts and details, the CKD version of MG HS Essence can be booked at both fully and partialy payments. The SUV is priced at around Rs. 6,899,000, with freight charges varying as per city the car delivered to.

Here are the list of freight charges for some cities:

  • Islamabad = Rs. 30,500
  • Lahore = Rs. 10,000
  • Karachi = Rs. 29,000
  • Peshawar = 33,500
  • Faisalabad = Rs. 25,000
  • Gujrat = Rs. 21,000
  • Sialkot = Rs. 21,500

Lets wait to see  if MG will open booking for MG HS Essence on 12 December 2022, as described by its CEO, Javed Afridi, is very famous for making exciting announcements, most of which he wasn’t able to fulfill.

Basic Difference Between Locally-Assembled MG HS Vs Imported MG HS

MG Motors Pakistan has terminated two features in the CKD version, Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), and Intelligent Speed Assist System (ISAS) , while the MG Pilot feature remains present. Interestingly, the automaker has added a Pakistani navigation to the MG HS Essence.

All other features other than described above are available as-is on the locally-assembled variant.

The reason for disabling features, as per company is that it took this decision after reviewing feedback from approximately 10,000 MG HS (CBU) customers.

You have to wait 20seconds.

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