Opening of Schools and Offices in Punjab


I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that, in order to resolve administrative, budgetary and ancillary matters, the competent authority has been pleased to allow opening of the offices of District Education Authorities in Punjab with skeleton staff and admin. offices of public schools in Punjab for Two Days (Monday &
Tuesday) in a week for the purpose of looking after the important issues of offices and school administration respectively by observing following SOPs:

  • Head teacher, Ministerial Staff (two person), Class-IV (two person) essentially required teachers (two persons).
  • School opening timing shall be from 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM.
  • Face mask shall be mandatory for the people dealing with the parents/ visitors.
  • Strict compliance with social distancing shall be ensured and gatherings/crowding of people shall not be permitted. Circles with appropriate distance or similar appropriate means shall be used for this purpose, for social distancing.
  • Teachers and staff may be called for pay purposes only with class-wise schedule, one class per day.
  • Soap and hand-sanitizers must be provided.
  • No student shall be allowed to visit school for any purpose.
  • Washrooms and other area shall be disinfected with chlorine solution, daily.
  • The above mentioned instructions shall be followed strictly spirit.

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