Financial Assistance to the children /widows of teachers

Federal Government of Pakistan National Education Foundatuon is going to provide financial assistance to the children of teachers of Federal Government and widows.

National Education Foundation of Federal Educations and Professional Training invites the applications on following conditions:

  • Children of Working Federal Government Teachers
  • Children of Retired F.G Teachers
  • Children / Widows of Retired Federal Government Teachers

Conditions for Scholarship Application:

  • For One Child of Serving Federal Government Teachers
  • For Two Children of Retired Federal Government Teacher
  • Applicant must be a student of any well reputed/ recognized educational institution otherwise application may be rejected

  • The applicant must not be getting any other scholarship except educational efficiency/prominent efficiency scholarship / Zakat Financial Assistance
  • The students from Class 5th to Master Level can get the scholarship. The students of Medical Engineering and D. Pharmacy are not eligible for this stipend.
  • The applicant must have got minimum of 60% marks

Conditions for Scholarship for the Children of Deserved Teachers

All the above-mentioned conditions are also applicable to the children of deserved teachers except the condition of 60% marks.

Financial Assistance to the Widows of FG Teachers

All employed and un-employed widows of the FG Teachers can apply for the scholarship.

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