Establishment of Per,s Cell

Initiation of PER,s Cell in cheif executive office

اساتذہ کے لیے سکول ایجوکیشن ڈیپارٹمنٹ کا پنجاب کا احسن اقدام
All Chief Executive Officers (DEA),
In the Punjab.
Apropos to the subject.

2.It is stated that during the Chief Executive Officers’ (DEA)
presentation, the Competent Authority has taken serious notice regarding
initiation of PERs of subordinates and it has been observed that promotion
process is delayed due to non provision of complete PERs of subordinate staff
well in time.
In this regard, it is further directed that directions have already been
issued regarding establishment of PER CELL, you are, hereby directed to
ensure the proper and smooth functioning of PER cell in your offices

4.You are further directed to provide a certificate that PERs of all the
subordinate staff of offices and schools have been initiated, complete in all
respect and well managed in PER cell accordingly.
The requisite certificate must reach to ths Directorate .

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