During Eid ul Adha, the government makes a decision about loadshedding.

Load Shedding During Eid Days

Load Shedding During Eid Days

According to a recent report, the federal government has stated that there will be no load shedding during the Eid-ul-Adha holidays. The Service of Energy has mentioned information on power age and utilization from dissemination organizations to work with this choice.

Load Shedding During Eid Days

Citizens who have been experiencing prolonged power outages amid intense heat will receive relief from the situation if the government is able to manage it. Power conveyance organizations have revealed a setback of 6,300 megawatts.

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At the moment, there is a total demand for electricity of 26,900 megawatts, but only 20,600 megawatts are produced. 7,900 megawatts of electricity are currently being produced by the national grid, with an additional 7,700 megawatts coming from independent power producers.

However, it should be noted that nuclear power plant electricity generation is only 3,130 megawatts, which exacerbates the current crisis.

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