AEO and Headteacher suspended for Non compliance of Nazra teaching

Order No 2403/Admin Dated:9-4-2022

During surprise visit of the undersigned on 09.04.2022 to Govt. MC Elementary School Babar Chowk Waryam Singh Wala, Faisalabad, it was observed that Govt. instructions regarding teaching of Holy Quran as a separate subject was not fully implemented in said school.

AEO and Headteacher suspended

During Nazra Quran Period of 4th & 5th classes it was noted with great concern that students were without Paras of Holy Quran. This violation of instructions of the Department is not tolerable at all. As the undersigned has time and again issued directions to implement teaching of Nazra Quran as a separate subject in all Schools of District Faisalabad.AEO and Headteacher suspended.

This state of affairs on the part of Assistant Education Officer Markaz concerned and Head Teacher is not appreciable and shows their negligence, misconduct and non-serious attitude towards performing their official duties and tantamount to be dealt under PEEDA Act, 2006.

So the services of Mr. Faisal Sheraz AEO Markaz (M-EE) City-II, Faisalabad and Mr. Khalid Hussain SST(CS)/HT Govt. MC Elementary School Babar Chowk Waryam Singh Wala, Faisalabad are hereby placed under suspension with immediate effect and they are further directed to report to office of the District Education Officer (M-EE). Faisalabad. However they will draw their salary/allowances under prevailing rules.

Suspension order

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