As you are well aware that Council of Common Interest ( CCI ) in its 49th meeting held on 13th January 2022 approved the conduct of 7th Population and Housing Census digitally in the country . Accordingly , PBS initiated the census activities and devised plan to impart training of 7th Population and Housing Census in three tiers : Training of Master Trainers at Islamabad ; Training of Trainers ( TOTS ) at Divisional Level ; and Training of Enumerators ( TOEs ) at Census District Level . The Training of Master Trainers and Training of Trainers have successfully been concluded on 15th December and 23rd December , 2022 , respectively . The TOEs in three batches has been imparted during 7th – 21st January , 2023. The role of the local administration is highly appreciated during the conduct of the said trainings . 4 . 2 . The census field operation was earlier planned to be conducted from 1st February , 2023 till 4th March , 2023.

However , due to some unavoidable circumstances and keeping in view the ground realities , it has been decided in the 5th Progress Review Meeting of Census Monitoring Committee ( CMC ) , constituted by the Council of Common Interest ( CCI ) ( which includes representation from all the provinces and stakeholders ) held on 17th January , 2023 under the Chairmanship of Minister for Planning , Development and Special Initiatives and all the members of the Committee including Chief Secretaries ,

CODE: NH7684

Secretaries of relevant departments and Director General , Military Operations Directorate were present in the meeting , to start the field operation of the census from 1st March to 1st April , 2023 . ( Minutes of the CMC meeting are under process and will be shared soon . ) 3 . You are , therefore , requested to kindly proceed accordingly and arrange / schedule all the requisite activities as per the said census rollover date , i.e. from 1st March to 1st April , 2023 . Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated . With kind regards .

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