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ائیر کوالٹی انڈکس میں مسلسل بگاڑکے پیش نظر پروونشیل ڈیزاسٹر مینجمنٹ اتھارٹی کی جانب سے مزید پابندیا ں عائد.

WHEREAS, there is evidence of persistent deterioration in Air Quality Index of the city of Lahore in particular and Punjab in general, fluctuating from satisfactory to poor levels, which may cause breathing discomfort, respiratory tract diseases and heart diseases amongst people of all age brackets;

  • AND WHEREAS, people in the Punjab continue to be infected by Covid – 19 and further overlap of conducive conditions for respiratory tract diseases due to smog could exacerbate the situation;
  • AND WHEREAS, the Provincial Cabinet of Punjab, in its 36th meeting has declared smog as calamity under section 3 of “The Punjab National Calamities (Prevention & Relief), Act 1958” which has been notified vide Relief Commissioner’s Order No.Smog – 2020/10 / Coord – I dated 14.10.2020, and all possible measures to contain and arrest the deterioration of ambient Air Quality Index, especially in territorial limits of the city of Lahore and Punjab in general are required to be taken;
  • AND WHEREAS, the Hon’ble Lahore High Court, during hearings in Writ Petition No.227807 / 2018, has directed the Government of the Punjab to take necessary remedial measures to control smog with specific directions and fines pertaining to attendance of staff in private offices, polluting brick industry, stubble burning smoke emitting private and Babyhanes public transport;
  • AND WHEREAS, in my opinion there are sufficient grounds to proceed under section 4 (2) (h) of “The Punjab National Calamities (Prevention & Rellef) Act 1958”, as an immediate preventive and speedy remedy and the directions appearing hereinafter are necessary to ensure public safety, conserve lives and preempt and mitigate imminent threat of smog in the province of Punjab.

  • AND WHEREAS, vide order of Relief Commissioner, Punjab of even number dated 15th October 2020, the activities reproduced below have been prohibited, consequent to which, these are offenses under Section 188 of Pakistan Penal Code;
  • Burning of any type of crop residue. Vehicles emitting visible smoke and pollutants falling into inadmissible limits.
  • All industries working without emission control system contributing to deterioration in Air Quality Index.
  • All stone crushers operating without wet scrubbers.
  • Burning of all types of solid waste, tires, rubber and plastics.
  • Sale and use of all types of sub – standard fuels. All types of encroachments which cause hindrance in the smooth flow of traffic on public roads including footpaths.
  • Any kind of parking which may cause hindrance in the smooth flow of traffic.
  • All types of activities without proper safeguard which contribute in generating fugitive dust.
  • Uncovered and open dumping / storage of construction material.
  • Uncovered transportation of construction material like sand, mud and cement.
  • Any unauthorized activity which may cause pollution.

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