ڈسپیرٹی الاؤنس: محکمہ خزانہ نے تنخواہوں میں اضافے کے حوالے سے کل اہم اجلاس طلب کر لیا۔


I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to intimate that the Minister Finance / Convener of the Ministerial Committee constituted by the Chief Minister , Punjab has been pleased

to constitute a Sub – committee to deliberate upon different options of increase in Pay with reference to Disparity Reduction Allowance in consultation with stake – holders including representative of different employee unions and submit report to the Ministerial Committee . 2 . I am further directed to state that a 2nd meeting on the subject issue is scheduled to be held on 15.04.2021 ( Thursday ) at 03:00 P.M under the Chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary , Punjab / Convener of the Committee , in the main Committee Room of S & GA Department 3 . It is , therefore , requested to please make it convenient to attend the said meeting on the given date , time and venue .


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