پنجاب گورنمنٹ نے 26نومبر سے سکول بند کرنے کا نوٹیفیکیشن جاری کر دیا

SO ( A – 1 ) 1-31 / 2008 : In pursuance of the decision of National Command & Operations Center ( NCOC ) , on campus teaching / learning activities in all Public and Private Schools including Tuitions Centers / Academies , taken over Madaris and all Autonomous Educational Institutions under the Administrative control of Government of the Punjab۔

Govt. Of Punjab decided to shut all educational institutions from 26-11-2020 till 24-12-2020

School Education Department shall remain suspended from 26.11.2020 to 24.12.2020 in the wake of pandemic ( COVID – 19 ) . Note : The School Education Department will separately issue instructions for teaching / learning from home / online etc.

Summer vacations 2020

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