Smart Syllabus Class 11th and 12th

Punjab Curriculum & Text Book Board has announced Accelerated Learning Program due to outbreak of noval corona virus lockdiwn.

Due Covid-19 Coronavirus panademic the decision has been taken to reduce the syllabus because only 6th months are left for the educational year 2021. To facilitate the students, selected & shortlisted courses have been prepared for the coming Annual Exam 2021.

Punjab Curriculum & Text Book Board, Lahore has announced the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in which the smart syllabus for Class 11th to 12th has been reduced. Students will now only prepare selected & shortlisted courses for the coming Annual Examination 2021. Furthermore, all the exams will be held according to the previous year’s schedule and there will be no relaxation given for session extension.


Download Syllabus 11th

Download Syllabus 2nd Year

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