کرونا ایس اوپیز پر عمل درآمد نہ کرنے پر تین اساتذہ معطل

SUSPENSION ORDERS. The undersigned paid a surprise visit Govt. High School Dhok Loona. Jhelum on 20-10-2020 at 10-15 AM, during the visit the following teachers did not bother to ensure implementation of SOPS of Covid-19 in their classes.

The State of affairs tantamount to severe negligence on part of Class Incharges.

  • 1. Mr. Manwar Hussain EST 1/C 10th Class.
  • 2. Mr. Saeed Ur Rehman EST 1/C 6th Class.
  • 3. Mr. Muhammad Usman EST 1/C 8th Class.

Hence above mentioned Class Teacher are hereby placed under suspension with immediate effect on the charges of misconduct & inefficiency.

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