Finally Pay Protection official Descion of School Education Department Punjab

School Education Department Lahore

Finally school education department decided about pay protection
soSE-1)1-184/2013(P): WIIEREAs, Deputy Seeretary (Welfare) to Additional Chief
Secretary forwarded the various application the officers of BS-17 & BS-18(Male & Female)
whose services were regularized under the Punjab Regularization of Service Act, 2018 & Punjab
Regularization of Service (Amendment) Act, 2019 dated 13.12.2019 and directed the department
to take the necessary action under the rules/ policy.
AND WHEREAS, the appeals, received from the Additional Chief Sccretary, are
bifurcated into two categories. The First category comprises the appeals of the officers (Male &
Female) whose services have been regularizecd under the Punjab Regularization of Service Act,
2018 & the Punjab Regularization of Service (Amendment) Act, 2019 dated 13.12.2019. They
claim that their services should have been regularized with effect from the date of joining of
initial appointment instead of with immodiate effect.

The second category consists of the appeals of the officers whose services are regularized in the light the Act ibid but not along with their
batch-mates due to late reporting of the cases from lower formation or due to the deficiencies.
The appeals related to the first category envisage the following grounds:
The contract policy 2004 states that BS-16 & above grades selected through

a)PPSC would be hired on regular basis.
b) The Punjab Service Tribunal has given its decision in 2018 to regularize the
services of Educators from their initial date of joining. The decision may also be
extended to the headmaster /deputy headmaster (BS-17) too.
On 01.11.2019 the Lahore High Court, Lahore directed the secretary school
c)Education Department to pass an order for regularization the Educators (B.Com)
from their initial appointnent date within one month. It may also be extended to
the headmaster /deputy headmaster (BS-17) too.
d) In another writ petition dated 02.12.2019, the Lahore High Court, Lahore
d)directed the School Education Department to implement the decision of The
Punjab Service Tribunal regarding pay protection of Educators within

Govemment Faroqi Islamia high School, Bahawalanpura, Lahore along with 68 others and their
epresentation was rejccted by the department.
4 Where as, The stance adopted in the appeals related to the second category is that the
ornders of egularization of oficers of BS-17 & BS-18(Male & Female) were not issued along
with their batch-mates. The delay in regularization order caused the loss of seniority and annua
inerement which was due on 1″ December
WHEREAs, the factual position under the rules/ policy is that the seniority of the officers recruited through PPSC, is not affected whether the officers are regularized earlier or

The PPSC generates the inter se seniority of the officers on the basis of merit that remains
intact. The operative part of the Civil servants (seniority) rules, 1993 is reproduced as under
“Seniority on initial appointment-(0) Persons initially appointed on the
recommendations of the selection authority through an earlier open advertisement shall rank senior to those appointed through a subsequent open advertisement.
2) If two or more persons are recommended in open advertisement by the selection authority their inter se seniority shall be determined in order of merit assigned by the selection authority.”
WIHEREAS, the annual increment is concerned, the facts are as follows
a) The officers, who are regularized betore 30 of June, will earn the annual increment.
a)as a regular employee. In return, they are deprived of social security benefit30%
of the basic pay.(9000+of BS- 17 & 000+ of BS-18-per month)
b) The officers, who are regularized after 30″ of June, will earm an annual increment as
b)a contract employce with social sccurity benefit 30% of the basic pay. (9000+ of
BS-17&11000+ of BS-18-per month).
Upon regularization the increments carned during the contract period are converted in the personal allowance. The oflicers whose services are regularized after June would cam more personal allowance than the oflicers who are regularized earlier.
WIIEREAS, all the cases, regarding regularization of a particular subject/category,

1 are not reported at the same time & date. Consequently, the officers of the same batch/ category
are regularized on different dates and with immediate effect as per the Act ibid.
School Education Department regularized the servies of the contract employees with immediate effect.

You can also find here above said informtion in hard form also
Pay protection sed

Pay protection

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