Re-Opening Guidelines by School Education Department Punjab


I am directed to refer to Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department’s letter No.S0(EP&C)1-812020 dated 07.08.2020, which delineates SOPs fur schools and educational institutes to prevent Covid-I 9 spread while resumption of educational activities in the Province.

2. It is stated that the Government of Punjab, School Education Department is planning to resume academic activities at public and private schools in Punjab with effect from ffith September (tentative date) in compliance with the decision of National Command and Operation Committee (NCOC) subject to review of the situation by NCOC in September. However, in order to cope with any emergency situation and to check readiness of schools before opening, following guidelines are to be followed for safe opening of schools. The guidelines included in this document are based on the global guidance for safe school reopening including the global Framework for Reopening Schools prepared by UNICEF, UNCESCO, World Bank and UNHCR, working paper for re-opening of schools prepared by PMIU, SOP guide issued by the Office of Minister of Education, Punjab and the National Guidelines for Safe Re-opening of Education Institutes by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training. Furthermore, a consultation was conducted with a few Chief Executive Officers, representatives from the Directorate of Public Instruction and School Education Department to contextualize the SOPs at the grassroots level.

3. These guidelines will serve as the minimum set of standard operating procedures that the schools in Punjab need to adhere to. Since there is no one fit for all formula considering the varied spread of COVIDI9, resources, enrolment, infrastructure, etc across Punjab the districts will be required to adapt and adjust at the local level ensuring the best practices for prevention of spread of COVIDI 9.

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