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E-Transfer System Lanched for Teachers of HED 2020

Higher Education Department Govt. of Punjab has Launched Phase-II online /E- Transfers for teachers working in public Institutions (Colleges) of Punjab for year 2020. These transfers are transparent , timely and with minimal human intervention.

E-TRANSFER SYSTEM for teachers working in Public Colleges-2020

With this E-Transfer System over 13000+ teachers working in 780 colleges in all 36 district of Punjab can avail the opportunity to get transfer to their desired institutions. The E-Transfer app , a major step forward in achieving transparency, credibility , and process efficiency associated with teacher transfer process.  Relevant transfer applications to colleges are made available online.


  1. Convenience and Transparency
  2. Minimum Human Intervention
  3. Standardization of transfer and approval processes
  4. Real Time Tracking


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