Employees can not be declared as absent or terminated during outbrake of Covid-19

Sindh Government Notification

No.L-11/21-3/2020/Corona:- In pursuance of the Order No. SO (1-1)/HD/8-1
(04)/2020/ Corona, dated 14 April 2020 issued by Home Department,
Government of Sindh and in the wake of rapid increase in transmission of Corona
virus, different Commissioners/Deputy Commissioners of the Province of Sindh
have announced lockdown in certain areas of their respective jurisdictions to
control the spread of Covid-19 on the recommendations of concerned District
Health Officers, Health Department, Government of Sindh.
2. The lockdown, as announced by different Commissioners/Deputy
Commissioners in their respective jurisdictions, shall be deemed as prescribed
period in terms of Clause (1) of Section-2 of the Sindh Covid-19 Emergency Relief
Ordinance, 2020 (Sindh Ordinance No.III of 2020) and Employees or Workers of
Industrial, Commercial and Shop Establishment, affected due to lockdown are
entitled to the relief as envisaged under clause (b) of Sub-Section(2) of Section-3
of the Sindh Ordinance No.III of 2020, which is reproduced as under:
“No employee or worker shall be laid off, terminated or
removed and the employee shall be paid salary by the
employer during the closure of an establishment as indicated in

3. Now, due to lockdown in certain areas, if any worker/labourer who is
working in Industrial, Commercial and Shop Establishments, is affected and is
unable to reach his/her workplace, shall not be declared as absentee but shall be
considered as on duty and shall be entitled for his/her wages, accordingly.
4. Hence, employers as defined under Section-2(1) (i) of the Sindh Shops &
Commercial Establishment Act, 2015 (XII of 2016) and authorized persons under
Section-3 of Sindh Payment of Wages Act, 2015 are hereby advised not to deduct
the salaries of those workers who are affected by lockdown in their respective
areas and to pay them salaries for the prescribed period, as indicated in schedule-I
of Sindh Ordinance-III of 2020 to employees/workers, including permanent,
contract, daily wages, probationary, temporary & piece-rated and also restrained
to lay off, terminate or remove any employee during the prescribed period.

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