400 Head Constables promoted as ASI in Punjab

پنجاب پولیس نے 400ہیڈ کانسٹبلز کو اسسٹنٹ سب انسپکٹر کے پروموٹ کر دیا

No EST PROMOTION AS OFF ASSISTANT SUB-INSPECTOR. In pursuance of the directions contained in theI nspector General of Police, Punjab’s Standing Order No 10 of 2017 regarding promotion in junior ranks of Punjab Porco and on ther ecommendations made by the Departmental Promotion Committee in his meeting held on 25.04.2020, the following Head Constables on

promotion ist of Captal Cty District, Lahore are hereby promoted to the rank of Officiating Assistant Sub-inspector on regular basis in
Basic Scale No. 11 wet 25.04.2020 and placed on probation for 2 years under Rule 13.98 13.15 of Dolce Rules as protected und
Police Order 2002

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